During the Pandemic getting weights and other gym equipment has been very difficult to find and extremely expensive to purchase. Why not make the weights yourself?

The cheapest DIY Weights are simple to make. Take empty cat litter and gallon juice or milk jugs. Rinse them out if they had juice or milk in them.

This can be done in 3 easy steps.

  1. Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and pickup 50lb bags of Playsand.
  2. Use a cup or anything you can to scoop out the sand with and get a cheap scale to weigh how heavy it is. Scoop the sand into the cat litter, milk or juice gallon size jugs.
  3. Glue the lids on or tape them. Label how heavy they are.

You can uses these affordable weights for making a DIY leg press machine and also for walking lunges, pulley systems and depending on the shape of the handle as kettlebells. If you add a steel pipe to run thru the handles now you can use it as a weight bar for numerous workouts. The bags cost only $4.99 each!

I do not claim responsibility for your safety so be mindful of testing with gradual weight increases to determine how much they can safely hold. Also be sure to regularly inspect all gym equipment before using it to be on the lookout for obvious safety concerns. This includes tightening the ends of weight bars to ensure weights do not fall off and cause injuries.