DIY Gym Projects

The garage gym you are about to see was started 2019 with some basic equipment (Gazelle for light cardio, brand new workout cage that required assembly, a weight tree for weight plates, a weight tree for dumbbells and hex bells and a tower power for dips, pullups, wide pullups and lateral raises).

In 2020 the DIY gym projects began. Just prior to the Covid outbreak being announced in March work had started on the home made Smith Machine to be built around the workout cage. Starting in April the real push to make this garage gym the best gym I could make on my own really began. Not all of the projects you will see on the following pages are entirely original ideas. Like many people online I too have scoured the internet thanks to Pinterest, Google and mostly YouTube to come up with ideas. I have however, made each one that I watched videos on or saw images added my own twists to them to make them my own unique projects. Other projects found on the following links below are to the best of my knowledge entirely unique.

Please take the time to look over the DIY links listed below. If you like any of this share it so others can also have a nice home or garage gym. Each link opens up in a new tab for your convenience.

DIY Weight Bars (3 bars)

DIY Smith Machine

DIY Leg Press (flat and incline versions)

DIY Shoulder Press

DIY Weights

DIY Cable Crossover Machine

DIY Rowing Machine

Homemade all purpose pulley

Landmine attachment and optional handle

Dual Landmine and optional handle

Pulley Systems (triceps press downs and behind the neck presses)

Punching bag stand

Weight bars

Other useful gym equipment I use

I do not claim responsibility for your safety so be mindful of testing with gradual weight increases to determine how much they can safely hold. Also be sure to regularly inspect all gym equipment before using it to be on the lookout for obvious safety concerns. This includes tightening the ends of weight bars to ensure weights do not fall off and cause injuries.