Today we will go over a fun workout that I introduced to my kids years ago. I refer to it as “Cardio Kickboxing.”

If this term has been used prior to me coining the phrase then I apologize for not giving credit due,
because I was unaware of anyone other than me using it.

This workout is so simple and so fun, yet it is to the best of my knowledge never mentioned. This workout is designed for some strength training (legs), lots of cardio and lots of fun! For this to work you will need a punching bag, a power tower (or tower power depending on whom you talk to), a pair of workout gloves, a trampoline or mini trampoline, loose fitting workout pants or shorts, some socks and something to listen to music with.

Step 1: hang the punching bag to the top of the tower power

Step 2: place the trampoline (mini trampoline fits best) in the middle of the power tower (laying flat on the floor)

Step 3: put on your gear

Step 4: turn on the music

Step 5: while holding onto the dip bars on the power tower (always with both hands) alternate between jumping on the trampoline (cardio) and kicking the punching bag (strength training – legs). How often you alternate is up to you.

Workout 1:

Go as fast as you can for the entire length of a song then switch and let your workout partner have a turn.

Workout 2:

Go a predetermined length of time such as 10 minutes or as many as 30 minutes. With this workout focus on just completing it and not doing it super fast or you will exhaust yourself too early.

Safety Tips:

Never leave a child unattended even for a second around this or any gym equipment.

If you are not very strong or have a fear of falling or are a kid have an adult stand behind you with their arms stretched straight out to give them distance between the two of you. The adults hands should be placed on your hands while you hold onto the dip bars. This way you have additional help in not slipping off the bars.

Advanced safety Tip: 

Pad every bar that you might accidentally kick. The most affordable way to do this is to pick up foam noodles (usually found at pool stores and dollar stores). Cut a slit straight down the middle of the foam so you can wrap it around the bars. Use duct tape to hold the foam in place. Having someone hold the foam while the other person tapes it makes it much easier!

Note: The reason you do not wear shoes during this workout is you will damage the punching bag and trampoline.

Have fun and get in or stay in great shape with this fun cardio workout!

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